About Dying Art

Dying Art was established in 2003, to provide a personalised casket service as a means for family and friends to celebrate the life of their loved one. Over the years, we have received a great deal of positive feedback from family members to tell us how much their personalised caskets have changed the entire mood of the service.

  • “Somehow the thought of saying goodbye to Mum in something so beautiful made it easier to deal with.”
  • “People were amazed by the casket – no one had seen anything like it.”
  • “It was a very beautiful casket and reflected her life and personality perfectly.”



Dying Art caskets are only sold through funeral homes, nationwide, which ensures a smooth process for all. If you are making arrangements for your loved one or are simply planning ahead, please enquire about our Dying Art range with your funeral director. They will also be able to provide you with the pricing information.

Alternately, you can call us to discuss your needs or ideas, and we will help you throughout the process.



You can do any of the following:

  • Choose a design from our range
  • Add a personal touch to an existing design from our range. This can be anything from changing colours to adding photos or text.
  • Have a unique design created with your own combination of photos, themes, favorite things or places, colours and words.



Additionally we can create an urn with graphics that match the casket design.  We have a large size for a mantelpiece memento, or smaller sizes for splitting and sharing between family.  The urns can be personalised with a name and photos, or replicated from the casket graphics, or we can customise to suit the décor.